Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading Game Archives

Game archives in MP4 format are available by emailing our streaming provider BlueFrame Technology. Purchase will be required for all game archives. If you have already purchased the event for live pay-per-view viewing then no separate purchase is required. Please include the following information:

Date and time of event.

Field the game was played on.

Name of the team.

Email this information to: HELP@BLUEFRAMETECH.COM

Viewing Recommendations.

If your browser is an older or out-dated version, there is a chance that it doesn't understand the modern commands that we send out. In this case, you'll have to upgrade to a newer browser, use another browser on your computer or use another computer.

Modern Iphones, Ipads and Android devices typically all have modern browers and will display the broadcast fine (assuming your internet connection is fast enough)

Watching Webcasts on your Television Set

Due to limitations in the quality that is output for these webcasts viewing on larger screens may not be of acceptable quality.

Apple users and owners of an appleTV device can simply 'throw' the webcast from their Iphone or Ipad using the 'Air Play' feature.

Computer users can obtain converters capable of taking your display and converting it to HDMI and sourcing that to an input on your TV. Some modern TVs can take the signal directly from your computer without an adapter. The computer will need to be close to the TV in either case and this method will require some advance setup. We suggest using one of our 'on-demand' presentations to test.

For other issues including purchase problems.

Please contact our support with a clear description of your problem